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Lake Como Trek is your guardian angel around  the Lake Como. You can walk with a light backpack while we take care of your heavy luggage, carry it to the next stop and assist you throughout the journey. Thanks to an off-line application for smart phones that does not require a phone line or an internet connection, you can walk safely, without the fear of getting lost . Apple app store and Google play store
   The organization can also give you a guide if you request one. Trails are suitable for all walkers. You can walk only a few hours a day and enjoy visiting charming villages, swimming in the lake and visiting the most famous villas. It 's always possible to add additional days to your holidays at the beginning or at the end of the journey. Book your low cost flight and get started!

Some suggestions: DO NOT COME IN SUMMER !! We are all very busy, prices are high and it's hot! From September till December you will find good temperatures and beautiful environments, woods turn red and restaurants offer mushrooms, truffles, chestnuts, different kinds of cheese and game meat. Even spring, from March to May, offers the beauty of nature’s awakening with its stunning landscapes. Look at the weather forecast and book!

HAVE A LOOK AT THE SECTION WINTER: from December until March, it is often the driest season of the year. It's true, you can ski in the mountains and there is snow but look at the pictures carefully: you can walk around the lake in light clothing. You can get up late, then walk for 3/5 hours in the middle of the day and then relax and have dinner in good restaurants. The suggested routes are our Sunday walks, beautiful and relaxing.

IF YOU HAVE SOME EXTRA DAYS …. The Grand Trek of the lake is challenging but also other routes can be. Having a few free days, without a fixed program, is not a waste of time! Every village and every town has something interesting to offer. And then ... you know that around Lake Como there are two UNESCO World Heritage sites?

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