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Grand Trek starting point

All your itineraries start from Lecco. It is not a coincidence: we were born and brought up here. We used to walk up and down the mountains and climb every rock in the evening, after work. In Lecco, but wherever along the lake, you can practise all air, water and land sports. Although it's only a 35-minute train ride from Milan, you can feel an atmosphere which is typical of mountain towns. If you get to Lecco early enough and you feel like it, we can take you for a food tour of the town. A two and a half hour walking tour, magical and unique: you can explore the historical town centre and taste some typical food in characteristic shops. Experienced guides will show you the secrets of the town, rich in history and tradition, and give you information that you cannot normally find in books. Every now and then you will stop to enjoy delicious food, such as “bresaola” (air-dried, salted beef) and “slinzega” (a type of air-dried meat). You will see the most beautiful places in town, which recall the life of Alessandro Manzoni and of the architect Giuseppe Bovara. You will also taste a good “focaccia” (a flat oven-baked Italian bread). Moreover, if you like cheese, you are in the right place! You can enjoy Taleggio and Casera or cheese with a strong flavour directly from mountain pastures. As we are so close to the lake you will also taste some kinds of lake fish and, last but not least, you will also drink some excellent wine from Valtellina! If you do not like going round in a group, you can use the bike sharing service (you can get free cards in some B&Bs) and cycle around the lower basin of Lake Como. You will enjoy a half-day tour with constantly changing views.

And then… the charm of passing time, the history, the wind. Tivano in the morning. Breva in the afternoon. The one blows towards south and the other towards north. Comballi (historical sailing boats) and gondolas used to move on the lake driven by these winds. They went out in the morning and back at night to and from that market which had been there since XII century. That market of Lecco was located in the square where the importance of the city was born and strengthened. In fact Lecco has its roots in the two market squares (Cermenati and XX Settembre). The name Lecco, in fact, in the past indicated just an hamlet and the lake while on the hills of this beautiful basin there were towns whose fate was to be swallowed by the handful of houses around the market. Because of its practical mentality, due to its market or to the iron, dug and worked here since Roman times, Lecco neglects those "details" that other cities enhance. But, although the city has grown in a disorderly fashion, the landscape around it is one of the most beautiful in the world.

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