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The Grand Trek combines different historical routes. The Sentiero del Viandante on the eastern side, the Strada Regina on the western side, The Strada Regia from Como to Bellagio and parts of the trail which link the historical routes.
After walking along the Sentiero del Viandante, you get to the linking trail between the Sentiero del Viandante in Colico and the Strada Regia in Sorico, on the western side of the lake. The route runs through the Piani di Spagna, a wet area and a Nature Reserve since 1983. It is a flat area which used to be the border between three counties: the Duchy of Milan, Venice and the Grigioni.

The Via Regina is the first part of the linking route between the Po Valley and the countries north of the Alps, along the western shore of Lake Como. It is one of the oldest routes between Italy and the transalpine area and it had a great importance from a commercial, historical and cultural point of view. In Roman times it linked Comum with northern Europe: an alternative to water transport. In the southern part of the route we will go on a small cruise from Cernobbio to Como.

The Via Regia links Como to the “Pearl of the Lake”: Bellagio. This route connects a network of old mule tracks and goes through a series of interesting, characteristic villages. The route starts from Como and you can get to the village of Brunate by funicular.

The last part of the route links Bellagio to Lecco. It is a picturesque itinerary that goes uphill past one of the landmarks of the world cycling: the Ghisallo. It offers wonderful views of the lake, passing by the Corni di Canzo and going downhill to a pasture surrounded by almond trees. This part of the route can be avoided with a transfer from Bellagio to Lecco by bus, boat, train (from Varenna) or private car.

The Grand Trek can be shortened and modified according to your needs. The first and the last parts can be avoided, so that you will have to walk 4 days less. If you need some rest you can add additional days, and,  in case of need, do not worry: we will pick you up and take you to a comfortable accommodation.

Day 1. arrival in Lecco. Transfer to the bed and breakfast. If it is early enough you can visit the town of Lecco (see Trek Starting Point).
Day 2.Transfer from Lecco to Vercurago, then a walk past the Innominato Castle and the old border between the Duchy of Milan and the Venetian State until the B&B in Lecco along the path Giorgio Combi.
Day 3. Breakfast. Departure from the B&B on foot to reach, on foot (or by bus), Piani Resinelli; from here you walk down a path to the B&B of Abbadia Lariana.
Day 4. Breakfast. Walk along the Sentiero del Viandante until the B&B in Varenna
Day 5. Breakfast. Walk along the Sentiero del Viandante until the B&B in Colico                             Day 6. Breakfast. Walk transfer until Sorico
Day 7. Breakfast. Walk along the historical Strada Regina towards Como. Overnight accommodation at the B&B in Dongo
Day 8. Breakfast. Walk along the Strada Regina until Menaggio
Day 9. Breakfast. Walk until Colonno
Day 10. Breakfast. Bus transfer to Brienno and walk until Cernobbio and transfer to Como by boat
Day 11. Breakfast. Funicular to Brunate then a walk along the Strada Regia until Nesso.
Day 12. Breakfast. The Via Regia stops a few km from Bellagio, then you have to take a bus to get there
Day 13. Breakfast. Walk from Bellagio to the Madonna del Ghisallo. We will go up to the temple of world cycling, surrounded by stunning scenery.
Day 14. Breakfast. Walk through the Corni di Canzo until Valmadrera. Transfer to Lecco.
Day 15. Breakfast. Transfer and departure.

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